the black family

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

just one of those days!

So, yesterday was just one of those days. I'm sure those of you with two-year-olds will understand. Every thing was a battle or caused a meltdown of some sort. Part of it I'm sure was my own mood and the fact that I was really hurting yesterday (I feel like I did after I had Kate, really sore, it's wierd). Katey has this thing where she loves to put her baby (and herself sometimes) into the carseat that we're storing in our room or into a bouncer seat that is also in our room and buckle either baby or herself in. That's great, except she can't do the bottom part of the buckle on the carseat so she needs help with it because everything has to be perfect and she can't undo the buckle once it's done. She wanted this done over and over and over yesterday and bending over was not on the top of my list of things to do! So we had some issues. I finally just made her take baby out and leave her out. This caused another meltdown. Anyway, that was our day! Oh and then she woke up an hour early from her nap, just when I was about to take a nap myself. She's done that maybe once before. Oh well! Needless to say, I was really really really happy when Jason got home. That seemed to cure her (and me) of her bad mood! I am so thankful for a hubby who loves his daughter and loves to play with her! What a blessing!