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Monday, November 5, 2007

A Day at the Park

Well, we decided to go to the park now that the weather is so great! It's been in the 80s for the past few weeks! Nice compared to the 100s or 110s. It was a beautiful day! We discovered though, that Katey is afraid of the grass. Yeah, I know, wierd. She would cry as soon as we put her down and then we'd make her walk after us and she'd just cry the whole way and jump on the blanket as soon as we put it down. It took her quite a while to finally get used to it. I think having her older cousins there playing probably helped a lot!

Here's Katey helping Dada feed the newest cousin, Reagan.

Madison is a great helper with Kate and took her down the slide a bunch of times. Katey loves playing with the cousins, Madison and Grant.

Kate and Dada!

Miss Brave Independent. Oh boy!

The Fairy Princess!

Katey was a fairy for Halloween. The wings were supposed to be for a much bigger person but oh well, she was still adorable. We went to Jason's sister's church's Harvest Festival. It was huge with a lot of people from the community too. It was a really great outreach.

Kate and Mama!

Kate and Dada and her new thing of sticking her tongue out!

And the breakdown on the way to the Harvest Festival (pulled out pig tails and all). There was really bad traffic that night and it took us an hour to get to the church so she was NOT very happy!

Dad and Kate playing some games. Dad's pretty into it!

Naturally Curious!

Look at all those teeth!

"Mom, can I have that?"

"What're you doin' Mom?" Actually, this is Katey coming to give the camera kisses. She'll kiss anything!

Uh Oh!

I came in to get Katey this morning and somehow she had taken her pajama shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Nice Kate!

What a little joy!

Katey got a new big girl carseat! Yay! Now we can see her from the front seats which is really nice!
Dada and Kate dancing!

Just having fun!

Cute, I know!

And not so cute. This is what happens to her hair when she pulls her pony tails out. Not a good look! By the way, "Does this skirt make my butt look big?!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

At the beginning of August, Jason and I went to Cabo San Lucas for a week long vacation with my birth dad and his wife. What an amazing time we had! To make it even more special, Katey got to stay with Nana and Tata, good for her and good for us! Here are some pics from our little adventure!

Mama getting ready to miss Kate before we left! We sure did miss her but it was really nice to have some time away.

Here is the resort that we stayed at, called Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. It's on the Pacific side of Cabo and is huge. This is only half of it. The rest goes around to the left of the picture.

Here we are with Dan and Sandy. It was so nice to get to spend more time with them. They are really special people to us. Their granddaugther also came with us. She's taking the picture.

Oh well, we have to have at least one sideways picture per entry. This is us waiting at McDonald's. We went on a bunch of time share presentations the first couple days we were there and wound up making more money from those then we took with us. Nice! Who knew that they give cash to go see their little presentation and also a free meal?! We were hooked when we heard the first one was going to pay us $300 plus breakfast. What's a couple of hours for $300?!

We went on a snorkeling Pirate ship too (compliments of one of the time shares Dan and Sandy went on). Right here it looks like we're having fun and that's because at this moment we were. However, just a few short minutes later, the fun dissipated. They took us on this long boat ride to get to this snorkeling area, all fine so far. Well, once we got to the snorkeling area and in the water, people started realizing that the water was pretty rough. Then not too long after we realized that we start hearing people yell. Turns out we swam right into a group of jelly fish, just waiting to sting all of us poor snorkelers. Jason got stung a couple of times, as did Dan. I, however, managed to escape being stung which is a good thing because I probably would have FREAKED out. I'm already afraid of the ocean because of sharks, so having other creatures coming to get us is NOT a good thing! Anyway, it turned out everyone was fine and made it "safely" back on board the pirate ship where they administered some cream to half the people to stop the stinging. Then we started our journey back. *sigh* And half of the people on the boat got sea sick, me and Jason included. Turns out it was a pretty rough day out on the water and they didn't let any more boats go out later that day. Too bad that hadn't happened BEFORE ours left! Needless to say, we've both decided we really don't like boats that much.

Ok, I know....beautiful! This was on the beach by our resort. You can't go in the water though because it's too dangerous. That was kind of a bummer but it sure is pretty!

Here we are just enjoying the huuuuuge pool. Not only was it huge, but it was also about 85 degrees....not super refreshing when you're hot. But hey, it's better than nothing!

Here we are enjoying poolside service!

And just another beautiful shot. We actually laid out under those one of the afternoons. Very relaxing! What a view! This is where we ate dinner one night.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Katey's ONE!

We had a big birthday party for Katey! Lots of friends and family came and it was a really good time to celebrate her little life!
Here's her little birthday cupcake (with no egg so it's not very pretty!).

She didn't really eat much, she just played with it!

And got it ALL over! Nana had to give her a bath afterwards because she was covered!

Our precious family!

Here's the first gift that she got! This thing was great! It helped her learn to walk by herself so much quicker!

Here she is looking at the rest of her gifts, and getting into them!

Of course she has to be the center of attention, playing with the cousins and friends!
Haha! Another sideways picture! It's just Dada holding Kate while Pastor Jeff prayed for her!
And finally! Opening gifts! She was so blessed with so many toys and clothes! We are definitely set for another year! Thanks everyone!

Our 4th Anniversary!

Great sideways picture I know. I'm not very good with this stuff and I couldn't figure out how to rotate it or delete it. Oh well! It's just us on our anniversary!

We went bowling! Fun Fun!

Still enjoying each other's company after four years of marriage!

We took Katey on the bowling part of our anniversary. Here she is eating her grapes!

The next day after bowling we had some of our good friends watch Katey ALL day and went out on the town! Going out on the town for us consisted of going to the Adventure Dome (eh, not all that great), going to a movie (we saw Ocean's 13) and then going to dinner at The Melting Pot. That was quite an experience, the dessert of course being my favorite, what girl wouldn't love a bowl of warm chocolate to dip fruit, brownies and cheesecake in?! That dinner lasted three hours! It was really a great experience. And it's the first time we've been away from Kate for more than a couple hours. It was nice!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Here's some more catch-ups!
Mom and Kate! It's wonderful being a mom isn't it?!

Here is Katey getting into trouble. This is under the desk where I work on the computer, where's she's not supposed to be, chewing on the chair. Nice!

And here she is trying to escape out of her chair. We don't even use that chair anymore.

She's in her little bouncer seat that hangs from the doorway and she fell sound asleep. For some reason the thing tends to put her to sleep.

Katey and Nana! Sweet!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here are a few pictures to catch everyone up.
This is Katey when she was only a few weeks old.
Sound asleep! They can sleep anywhere at that age hah?! And not too happy!
Here we all are at a friend's wedding. The wedding coordinator (it was at her house) was super nice and brought us one of her quilted blankets to keep Kate warm since it was really cold and at night. We thought that was really sweet!