the black family

Thursday, July 31, 2008

katey's actual 2nd birthday!

For Katey's actual 2nd birthday we took her to Chuck E. Cheese and to ice cream. She loves all the games at Chuck E. Cheese and pizza's her favorite!
Enjoying the pizza!
Some yummy ice cream afterwards!
We got her her first little storybook Bible. It's a really good version that is actually the Bible, just shortened. We read a story every night before bed!
I think Dada's tickling her or something!

Monday, July 28, 2008

one of my favorite places to shop!

So, a couple months ago I discovered Children's Orchard. It's a used kids store that has just tons and tons of stuff. I used to be a little anti used anything, but now, well, it just makes sense to me with some stuff. For one, onesies for the baby. With Katey my favorite onesies by far were the Carter's 5 packs, actually any Carter's onesies were good. They just fit better. Some of the other ones have wierd shapes (such as short and fat) or wierd material. Anyway, those Carter's 5 packs are usually around $15. At Children's Orchard I can get those exact same onesies for $1 or less. Yes, they're used, but the ones I bought looked brand new. That just makes more sense to me. With Kate, we went through clothes pretty quickly, lots of stains from blowouts and spit-up, etc. I am just so excited for places like this that help us spend our money with more wisdom! Oh, and the other really great thing to buy! Baby/kids shoes are so expensive to buy new. But you can get them for a few dollars at used places. And newborn/baby shoes are practically unused since the babies don't walk. That was an exciting find! PLUS, they have awesome sales and promotions. Just thought I'd share my thoughts on used clothing stores for kids...I'm pretty thankful and I know they have Children's Orchard stores all over the US. Maybe someone else will be just as blessed as we were!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

potty training!

Oh the joys of potty training! Yep, we've embarked on that new adventure. Actually, Katey's been doing really well. The second day we really tried, she peed (?) in the potty. I was pretty surprised and very happy! She still forgets sometimes and goes wherever she is but she always comes and shows me where the accident happened at least! Potty training has been one of those things I've been dreading for a long time but the prospect of another baby in diapers in 7 weeks has motivated me to try my hardest to get her potty trained. So far so good!

katey's 2nd birthday party!

Last Saturday we celebrated Katey's 2nd birthday with some friends and family. I can't believe she's already two! Crazy! Time goes so fast. What a joy she's been these past two years though. I never knew what a blessing motherhood could be.
Getting into the chips!

I made a chocolate/mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for the party. She loves ice cream!
This year's cake was much better than last year because last year we still thought she was allergic to egg. Ever made a cake with no egg? Yeah, well, it doesn't turn out quite like normal cake, even when you use a supposed egg substitute. Thank goodness she grew out of that allergy (or maybe never was allergic?...who knows?!...obviously not the doctors!).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

baby shower!

Last Friday night, two of my best friends here in Vegas, Danielle and Abby, threw me a baby shower. They put a lot of work into it and it turned out really special! Thank you guys!
At the shower, several of the ladies had gotten together and bought us the double stroller with matching carseat that we wanted. That was such a huge blessing for us because as most of you know that is one of the more expensive items to purchase for a baby. We are so thankful for the generosity of everyone at our church, they have just showered us with love and gifts. It helps make this time so special to share it with friends and family.

Abby, me and Danielle

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of july

For the 4th of July we went to Nellis Air Force Base with some friends who are in the Air Force. They had a Freedom Festival with fireworks afterward. It was a lot of fun. They have two little girls that are a little older than Kate but she loves to play with them! Here she is getting disciplined by Jason for running off and not stopping when we told her to!

Ok, so she likes Dr. Thunder...
Here's our friends that we went with, the Jones Family-Becky, Madeleine, Olivia, Chris and Tuff (and another kid that they know but I don't).

five years!

We celebrated our fifth anniversary a couple weekends ago. We went to San Diego for four days and three nights. It was SO nice! We left Katey with Nana and Tata (thanks mom and dad!). We stayed in a hostel hotel that was right downtown so we were able to walk just about everywhere. The rooms were tiny (as you can see in this picture) and the bathrooms were down the hall, but it was super affordable and in a perfect location! After we got used to the smallness, it was rather cozy!

We went to a Padres game at the new stadium on Saturday night. I think that was the highlight of the trip for Jason. It was really fun to go, we haven't been to a major league game in a long time! The stadium was beautiful, right in the heart of downtown. Pretty cool!
Here we are, exactly five years from our wedding! What an incredible five years it's been! Can't wait for the next five!
Enjoying a little Starbucks! We sat at the counter for probably a half hour so I could rest my tired feet! We walked a LOT, which was really nice to be able to do, but being seven months pregnant, my feet got extra tired!
Our last dinner at a restaurant on the beach. We miss the beach a lot so it was nice to go back for a while. Also, we had come from 110+ weather in Vegas to 72 in San Diego. That was a nice break!

st. george, utah

Towards the end of June we went up to St. George, UT to spend the weekend with some of my family. We went to Zion National Park on Saturday.

Katey and Jason enjoyed some time in the pool with the cousins. Kate was really brave and was jumping off the edge to Jason.

The resort we stayed at had a really nice game room. Here's my mom and 90-year-old grandma playing air hockey!

Katey didn't really get regular naps while we were there. In fact, the first night there she didn't go to sleep until 2:30ish in the morning (which means neither did we!). So this is what happened when Jason was holding her at the table. She konked out! This doesn't happen very often!

It was a nice weekend to spend with family. Thanks mom and dad for the great room and food!