the black family

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

five years!

We celebrated our fifth anniversary a couple weekends ago. We went to San Diego for four days and three nights. It was SO nice! We left Katey with Nana and Tata (thanks mom and dad!). We stayed in a hostel hotel that was right downtown so we were able to walk just about everywhere. The rooms were tiny (as you can see in this picture) and the bathrooms were down the hall, but it was super affordable and in a perfect location! After we got used to the smallness, it was rather cozy!

We went to a Padres game at the new stadium on Saturday night. I think that was the highlight of the trip for Jason. It was really fun to go, we haven't been to a major league game in a long time! The stadium was beautiful, right in the heart of downtown. Pretty cool!
Here we are, exactly five years from our wedding! What an incredible five years it's been! Can't wait for the next five!
Enjoying a little Starbucks! We sat at the counter for probably a half hour so I could rest my tired feet! We walked a LOT, which was really nice to be able to do, but being seven months pregnant, my feet got extra tired!
Our last dinner at a restaurant on the beach. We miss the beach a lot so it was nice to go back for a while. Also, we had come from 110+ weather in Vegas to 72 in San Diego. That was a nice break!