the black family

Friday, August 3, 2007

Katey's ONE!

We had a big birthday party for Katey! Lots of friends and family came and it was a really good time to celebrate her little life!
Here's her little birthday cupcake (with no egg so it's not very pretty!).

She didn't really eat much, she just played with it!

And got it ALL over! Nana had to give her a bath afterwards because she was covered!

Our precious family!

Here's the first gift that she got! This thing was great! It helped her learn to walk by herself so much quicker!

Here she is looking at the rest of her gifts, and getting into them!

Of course she has to be the center of attention, playing with the cousins and friends!
Haha! Another sideways picture! It's just Dada holding Kate while Pastor Jeff prayed for her!
And finally! Opening gifts! She was so blessed with so many toys and clothes! We are definitely set for another year! Thanks everyone!

Our 4th Anniversary!

Great sideways picture I know. I'm not very good with this stuff and I couldn't figure out how to rotate it or delete it. Oh well! It's just us on our anniversary!

We went bowling! Fun Fun!

Still enjoying each other's company after four years of marriage!

We took Katey on the bowling part of our anniversary. Here she is eating her grapes!

The next day after bowling we had some of our good friends watch Katey ALL day and went out on the town! Going out on the town for us consisted of going to the Adventure Dome (eh, not all that great), going to a movie (we saw Ocean's 13) and then going to dinner at The Melting Pot. That was quite an experience, the dessert of course being my favorite, what girl wouldn't love a bowl of warm chocolate to dip fruit, brownies and cheesecake in?! That dinner lasted three hours! It was really a great experience. And it's the first time we've been away from Kate for more than a couple hours. It was nice!