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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last MOPS meeting today!

So sad! The last MOPS meeting was today. We won't meet again until September. Even though I've only been going for a short time, it has been such a time of refreshing and blessing for me. I'm definitely going to miss it over the summer. The nice thing though is that they started a ladies' Bible study a couple weeks ago that just goes through the summer so me and my friend Becky (who introduced me to MOPS) have been going. We are studying the fruits of the Spirit. These times of fellowship with other godly women have been really special times!

Memorial Day Weekend!

What a blessing three day weekends are! It was so so so nice to have Jason home for an extra day. We didn't really do anything super spectacular but that's kinda nice too. We went to some friends' house on Sunday night and played Scattergories until midnight. Then Monday we went to some other friends' house for some BBQ. It was nice to just hang out. We also went to two different used kid's stores. My new favorite thing! We got such great deals at these places on clothes and shoes for Kate and Julia. And they even have stuff like puzzles and books for Kate. Fun! And way cheaper than buying them new. What a blessing!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day!

Jason and Kate made my Mother's Day really special! I got a few really thoughtful, sweet little gifts. We also went out to lunch after church at this BBQ place we had never tried. I love BBQ and this place was pretty yummy! It was nice to just spend the day with Jas and Kate!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Thanks for tagging me Sara!

Five things on my To-Do list:
1. Finish cleaning our room after our semi-remodel.
2. Do the dishes.
3. Read a MacArthur sermon from Luke.
4. Finish a parenting book.
5. Redecorate Katey's (and soon Julia's) room.

Five favorite snacks:
1. Chocolate (ice cream, brownies, cookies, pretty much any form of chocolate is fine with me!)
2. Cantaloupe.
3. Chips and guacamole.
4. Cheddar cheese.
5. Arnold Palmer from Trader Joe's.

Five things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Support missionaries (especially friends that we know that are serving the Lord in that way)
2. Buy a house on some tropical island somewhere (not to mention one in California).
3. Send my kids to a good Christian private school.
4. Buy a second car.
5. Give money to TMC and TMS to support the work they do.

Five places I've lived:
1. The mountains in Central California.
2. Hotchkiss at TMC.
3. With siblings in Santa Clarita.
4. At Northglen on Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia, CA (our favorite apartment so far).
5. Five different places in Las Vegas, ending up in our condo in Henderson.

Five jobs I've had:
1. Afterschool counselor at Sunshine Day Camp.
2. Catering at Corner Bakery in Valencia.
3. Cracker Barrel in Las Cruces, NM for six weeks.
4. Ghirardelli on the Strip in Vegas.
5. Red Robin in Vegas.
6. The most important, most fun, most fulfilling job is now being a mom (corny I know but it's true!)

Five people I'm tagging:
1. Amanda Taylor
2. Emily Taylor
3. Kim Archer
4. Mariejte Van Straaten
5. Alisha Renfro

Not much happening!

Well, not much has been happening lately which accounts for my lack of blogging. I guess nothing exciting that is. Katey took some swim lessons and is now finished with them. I took no pictures because it was a "Parent and Me" class, meaning I was in the water with her, attempting to get her to do what the teacher was saying. She likes the water, she was just too busy watching the other kids to really be interested in doing anything. Besides that, not much! We've been doing some interesting studies lately. We've been studying tithing and whether or not it's applicable for the church today. That's been interesting and really informative. And now, our pastor is about to get into Mark 13 where Jesus talks about things to come. We are at a Reformed church so our pastor believes that Israel is done away with (is actually now the church), is amill, etc. Of course, this is very different then the way we believe and have been taught, so we've had to do a lot of studying to find out why we believe biblically what we believe. It's been good for us to get into God's Word ourselves and to be able to somewhat formulate our beliefs on these issues. I'm sure we will be challenged to study even more over the next several weeks. So pray for us!