the black family

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not much happening!

Well, not much has been happening lately which accounts for my lack of blogging. I guess nothing exciting that is. Katey took some swim lessons and is now finished with them. I took no pictures because it was a "Parent and Me" class, meaning I was in the water with her, attempting to get her to do what the teacher was saying. She likes the water, she was just too busy watching the other kids to really be interested in doing anything. Besides that, not much! We've been doing some interesting studies lately. We've been studying tithing and whether or not it's applicable for the church today. That's been interesting and really informative. And now, our pastor is about to get into Mark 13 where Jesus talks about things to come. We are at a Reformed church so our pastor believes that Israel is done away with (is actually now the church), is amill, etc. Of course, this is very different then the way we believe and have been taught, so we've had to do a lot of studying to find out why we believe biblically what we believe. It's been good for us to get into God's Word ourselves and to be able to somewhat formulate our beliefs on these issues. I'm sure we will be challenged to study even more over the next several weeks. So pray for us!