the black family

Monday, July 28, 2008

one of my favorite places to shop!

So, a couple months ago I discovered Children's Orchard. It's a used kids store that has just tons and tons of stuff. I used to be a little anti used anything, but now, well, it just makes sense to me with some stuff. For one, onesies for the baby. With Katey my favorite onesies by far were the Carter's 5 packs, actually any Carter's onesies were good. They just fit better. Some of the other ones have wierd shapes (such as short and fat) or wierd material. Anyway, those Carter's 5 packs are usually around $15. At Children's Orchard I can get those exact same onesies for $1 or less. Yes, they're used, but the ones I bought looked brand new. That just makes more sense to me. With Kate, we went through clothes pretty quickly, lots of stains from blowouts and spit-up, etc. I am just so excited for places like this that help us spend our money with more wisdom! Oh, and the other really great thing to buy! Baby/kids shoes are so expensive to buy new. But you can get them for a few dollars at used places. And newborn/baby shoes are practically unused since the babies don't walk. That was an exciting find! PLUS, they have awesome sales and promotions. Just thought I'd share my thoughts on used clothing stores for kids...I'm pretty thankful and I know they have Children's Orchard stores all over the US. Maybe someone else will be just as blessed as we were!