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Friday, June 22, 2007

Here's some more catch-ups!
Mom and Kate! It's wonderful being a mom isn't it?!

Here is Katey getting into trouble. This is under the desk where I work on the computer, where's she's not supposed to be, chewing on the chair. Nice!

And here she is trying to escape out of her chair. We don't even use that chair anymore.

She's in her little bouncer seat that hangs from the doorway and she fell sound asleep. For some reason the thing tends to put her to sleep.

Katey and Nana! Sweet!


Ben and Melissa James said...

I can't believe how much she looks like Jason!

Emily Taylor said...

I'm glad you guys started a blog, now I can see everything I'm missing out on, sad. Well Katy is so cute and I miss you guys, hopefully August!

Amanda said...

Awww...these pics are making me more sad we couldn't come. It's good to know that God is in control of all things that happen, and hopefully we will be able to get out there soon. I love you guys. Katy is so cute! :0)

Amanda said...
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Dawn said...

A cutie! We have the exact same bouncy seat...that is out and ready to receive our second son next Tuesday. :-P

I can't figure out who Katy looks like...but I guess she did get Jason's eyes!