the black family

Friday, August 1, 2008


The other day we had the tv on and a McCain commercial came on attacking Obama. When they showed a picture of Obama Katey said, "Obam." No idea how she knows that! I'm not sure if she's putting in her vote or what but I think we have some work to do!


Scott Mallon said...

ha. kids these days! that's crazy.

so I had you're blog address wrong on my blog for SOO long...and I never took the time to figure it out until you posted on my blog not too long ago...and now I'm so glad!

Scott and I talk about "the good ole days" when we got to have scv hang outs at your apartment and play watermelon football in your pool haha.

now I have to catch up on your blog from like the last YEAR so I know what's going on with you guys!

hope you're having a good day!