the black family

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my cool cvs week!

Yes, I know, a cool CVS week? What the heck does that mean?! Well, let me tell you. I already told everyone a few posts ago how my favorite blog is Well, I have been learning how to "CVS" and was actually quite successful at it this week. I went last night and got several items (Colgate toothpaste, BIC Soleil razor, 4 razor refills, Lady Speed Stick deoderant and Always Infinity pads) and paid only $1.70 for all of that. Plus, now I have $16 to spend next week that the store gave me for free. "How is that possible?" you ask...well, you have to go to the blog above to find out because it's pretty complicated and since someone else has already explained it in detail I see no need to. There are also some really great deals at Target this week that she outlines on her blog. Who doesn't like getting stuff for free?! I sure do and this has been so fun!