the black family

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our New Favorite Thing to Do

So. We finally got a Wii! Yep! I know! Exciting! We've been wanting one since Christmas when we played the Hollands' Wii but as some of you might know, they're pretty much impossible to find right now if you live in a big city unless you're willing to pay extra for them on Ebay. Which we weren't willing to do, even though we wanted one really bad. Besides that, they're expensive enough already! Well, for Jason's 30th I told him we could go ahead and spend the money for one if we could find one. While we were in Las Cruces the following weekend, we found one at Best Buy. Yes, they were locked away in the back and it felt like we had a security detail leading us to the front to pay, but nontheless, they had one and we bought it! (They actually had five....who knew?!). We are pretty excited and for the last 2-3 weeks we've been playing a lot. If you haven't played, you really should. It's become our excercise system as well (those of you who've played tennis or boxing on it know what I mean). Anyway, it's brought many bonding moments for me and Jas and we're happy that we finally got one!